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Stockx Metal Trading B.V.

Metaalhof 60
3067 GM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)10 311 0500
Fax: +31 (0)10 311 0501


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The Van Hout Group consists of a large number of closely cooperating companies. Each company is specialized in regaining (recycling) raw materials such as copper, lead and aluminium from various types of metal waste. The Van Hout Group operates worldwide.

While one company concentrates on processing underground cables, another company is specialized in processing plastic cables or in shredding metal waste such as electric motors, anchors, etc. Another specialized company is fully engaged in the international trade of the processed lots.

Each company's specific specialization in any type of metal waste provides a top quality processing guarantee of any quality offered. Each company within the Group can give its undivided attention to the product that needs to be processed. The Van Hout Group feels strongly about investing not only in quality, know-how and innovation but also in environmental protection. The Van Hout Group is one of the world's biggest and most advanced processing companies with regard to both technology and capacity.

In technical terms the Van Hout Group is your unique partner that can handle each kind of metal, thanks to the variety of the specialized activities of each company. Both financially and commercially the Van Hout Group is your reliable partner who is able to process big volumes of metal. Whatever quantity, quality, volume or packing you might have or need, wherever the metals might be or might be needed: the Van Hout Group can and will process, buy or supply it!

Ifnon-ferro products other than aluminium are offered,SMT always tries to distribute withinVHG