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Contact us

Stockx Metal Trading B.V.

Metaalhof 60
3067 GM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)10 311 0500
Fax: +31 (0)10 311 0501


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Aluminium-Wire "ACSR"

Aluminium-Fe Wire, on coils or loose ("Spaghetti"), free from grease and free from joints




Aluminium/Copper Cables, free from grease and free from joints, loose ("Spaghetti") or in cut pieces of 1 - 1,50 meter, PVC covered.



Aluminium Castings "TENSE"

Material in different grades: free from Fe, basis 2% Fe and a quality woth 4-5% Fe.



Mixed Aluminium Scrap "TAINT/TABOR"

Material in different grades: loose cut pieces with abt. 4-5% attachments and a quality pressed in briquettes with 2-3% attachments.



Aluminium Turnings "TELIC"

Material in different grades: loose, loose in Big Bags or pressed into briquettes. There is also the 7000-series Turnings (Zinc Alloy) coming from the airoplane industry.



Aluminium Profiles

Material in different grades:


Mill-Finished 6063 Profiles, clean blank and anodised 6063 Profiles, lacquered / painted 6063 Profiles, 6063 Profiles with a thermal break. Each quality either loose or briquetted.



Aluminium Offset

Quality loose or briquetted, bundled on pallets



Al-Wire "TALON"

Aluminium Wire Scrap 99.5 Al, pressed into briquettes, new blank material, free from grease. With or without "air-blacked" wire.




Aluminium Wheels free from grrease, free from Fe, lead and plastic



New Aluminium "Low-Copper" Scrap

New Low Copper scrap, loose or briquetted on pallets, bundled on pallets.


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