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Stockx Metal Trading B.V.

Metaalhof 60
3067 GM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)10 311 0500
Fax: +31 (0)10 311 0501


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General We are active in the worldwide trade of non-ferrous metals. Aluminium Scrap is our key business. Thanks to our experience of years in the international recycling business, we are able to quote a competitive price for practically each type of product. We can literally go each way around the world: either we sell the product in Europe, or we choose to export the material to Asia. Alternatively we try to find a solution within the Van Hout Group.

Quality Quality of our products is our number one priority. We are proud of our reputation in this respect. Our buyers do not wish to be suspicious about the metals we supply them. Simultaneously we request the same towards our suppliers: the quality should be taken care of at all times. As soon as this trust becomes mutual, it will automatically become the foundation of a longterm relationship. Our focus is on tomorrow

Environment The world is changing each and every day and so is the recyclingbranche. The national and international rules are changing and we are following all changes closely.

The environmental aspects of the metal trade have become more and more important over the years. In order to keep fully updated about the most recent developments with the regard to international enviromental rules and regulatiosn, SMT is working closely with the company Kwantes Raadgeving. With the Van Hout Group Worldwide,Kwantes Raadgeving plays an important role as environmental specialists. They are also in direct connection with the local authorities as well as the custom- and port authorities. This company provides its service with reference to enviromental law, licences, certificates, export-restrictions etc.

SMT obtains all required certificates and licences. We are also member of the well-known branch-organizations B.I.R. (Brussels) and ISRI (Washington).